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There are more that 1100 synchrotron radiation and free electron users in Italy. The Italian Synchrotron Radiation Society (SILS) is the national user organization. There is no national funding scheme for the support of access to SR and FEL facilities.



Prof. Carlo Mariani
Head of Delegation, member of ESUO Executive Committee
Department of Physics, University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Prof. Federico Boscherini
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Bologna

Dr. Silvia Gross
CNR Senior Research Scientist, Member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Synchrotron Radiation Society
IENI-CNR and Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Padova

Dr. Doriano Lamba
Deputy Head of the IC-CNR Trieste Oustation and Senior Scientist
Istituto di Cristallografia - C.N.R. Trieste outstation

National User Organisation

SILS - Italian synchrotron radiation society

The Società Italiana Luce di Sincrotrone (SILS) has been stablished in 1992. It is a non-profit organisation since 2014. It organises a yearly conference with young scientists awards, and a biannual SR and FEL school (jointly with Elettra). It represents the italian SR and FEL community of more than 1100 users.

Visit SILS Website »

SILS executive committee

The executive committee is formed by:

  • Chair: Andrea Di Cicco Università di Camerino, Camerino, Italy,
  • Rossella Arletti Università di Torino, Torino, Italy,
  • Massimo Ferrario Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, INFN, Frascati, Italy,
  • Cinzia Giannini IC-CNR, Bari, Italy,
  • Silvia Gross CNR and Università di Padova, Padova, Italy,
  • Sakura Pascarelli ESRF, Grenoble, France,
  • Beatrice Vallone Università di Roma “La Sapienza”, Roma, Italy,
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