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Standard Proposal Form info

New pilot route for proposal creation and submission

CALIPSO implemented a pilot, parallel route for proposal creation and submission on the wayforlight portal. This is the result of a Europe-wide standardization effort involving all European synchrotrons and free electron lasers.


Users can now fill a Standard Proposal Form

and finalize submission at different European facilities.


View here a dedicated TUTORIAL


This tool is available for ALL users, i.e. not only for those eligible for CALIPSO Transnational Access support. Moreover, the  single-sign-on service provided by Umbrella can be used: if available at the chosen facility, logging in on wayforlight will allow to submit the proposal without additional authentication.

The proposal generated through wayforlight can also be used for submission at other European facilities. Please check the whole list since nearly all facilities have already implemented this tool. 

In addition, CALIPSO offers to eligible users the possibility to submit a pair of Complementary experiments to two different European facilities.Each of the 2 proposal will have to include a common heading to explain the need of 2 complementary experiments, thanks to a dedicated field (Complementary Experiment Pilot) in the wayforlight Standard Proposal form.
After submission, the 2 proposals will be trated independently by the selected facilities. In case both of them are retained for CALIPSO support, facilities will agree with the user and between eachother on an optimized allocation scheduling, i.e. allocating the 2 experiments in the order needed by the user.

To find the most suitable beamline for each experiment, you can search our standardized database and use its interactive tools.

To help you drafting a successful proposal using SPF, you can find specific guidance notes here.

For any request of information of support, please contact:

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