In Slovenia there is no formal national synchrotron user organization yet. Slovenian synchrotron user community, consisting of about 30 to 40 active SR users, researchers at Slovenian universities or national research institutes, coordinates its activities with ESUO through Slovenian ESUO delegate. The ESUO and national initiatives and activities regarding access to SR facilities, are presented on the ESUO – Slovenia web site.  (


Slovenian synchrotron user community strongly supports the ESUO initiative for open access to all European sources for all European photon scientists solely on the basis of scientific merit, and promotes the integrated approach throughout Europe to the use of SR sources.


In Slovenia no national funding scheme for access to synchrotron radiation facilities exists. Continuation of transnational access (TNA) to national radiation sources in EU, supported until 2015 via programmes of the European Commission by BIOSTRUCT-X and CALIPSO, represents a major benefit for Slovenian scientists.

Prof. Dr. Iztok Arčon
University of Nova Gorica
Nova Gorica
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