Spain hosts ALBA Synchrotron with a total of 2600 users, 1600 of them from Spanish institutions. Funding for Academic Research is subject to budget availability on an annual basis and follows the scheme published on

Additionally, Spain manages the CRG beamline Spline at the ESRF for Absorption and diffraction with about 65 experiments/year.

Dr. Olga López
Research Scientist
Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia - Spanish National Research Council
National User Organisation
AUSE - Asociación de Usuarios de Sincrotrón de España (Spanish Synchrotron User Association)
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AUSE that represents the Spanish SR and FEL community users was stablished in 2004 as a non-profit association with the aims:

1. To promote the use of synchrotron radiation to the study of matter in any state.

2. To contribute to develop and refine all aspects of instrumentation, generation and handling of Synchrotron facilities.

3. To joining and defend the common interests of the users of these large facilities, with a focus on users of the Spanish state.

The association organizes a biannual meeting, granting several awards for young researchers with contributions in Synchrotron.



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