The APOLLON facility occupies about 4,500 m². The laser hall is located in an ISO8 cleanroom with a useful area of 800 m² and the laser beams are distributed across two experimental rooms, covering surfaces of 280 m² (SFA) and 490 m² (LFA, allowing focal lengths of several tens of meters). 5 m-thick concrete walls provide full radio protection.

Currently, one laser beam - F2 - is available in SFA. It is focused by an off-axis focal parabola with short focal length (42 cm) and the resulting focal spot has a diameter of 6.5 µm, with a Strehl ratio greater than 50%. A deformable mirror is implemented and will allow to reach intensities in the order of 10²² W/cm².

SFA is equipped with a single aluminum interaction chamber with inner height 120 cm and inner diameter 172 cm.