Swiss Light Source


The beamline provides monochromatic as well as white beam to a state-of-the art tomographic microscopy endstation. The endstation performs absorption as well as phase contrast imaging with an isotropic voxel size ranging from 0.360 microns up to 14.8 microns.Phase contrast is obtained either with simple edge-enhancement, a modified transport of intensity approach or with grating interferometry. Typical acquisition times are in the order of few minutes, depending on energy and resolution. The scientific activity at the beamline is focussed on the development of phase contrast imaging techniques, as well as the visualization and quantification of complex 3D-microstructures in biological materials.

Beamline Energy Resolution
8 [meV]
Marco Stampanoni
Federica Marone
  • X-ray tomography
control/Data analysis
Control Software Type
  • tbd
Data Output Type
  • tbd
Data Output Format
  • tbd