The BL29 (BOREAS), Resonant Absorption and Scatering,is a soft X-ray beamline with a helical undulator to produce variable-polarization light. The first experimental end-station is dedicated to X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) and X-ray magnetic linear dichroism (XMLD) techniques,for studies of advanced magnetic materials. It allows applied magnetic fields of up to 6 Tesla, sample temperatures in a range 2-400 K, and electrical contacts for variable voltage biasing of samples.

The second experimental end-station is dedicated to soft X-ray magnetic scattering (SXRS). This instrument is based on an ultra-high vacuum reflectometerand allow applied magnetic fields up to 2 Tesla and temperatures of 20-400K.

Beamline Resolving Power
1.5 * 104 [deltaE/E] @ 1 [eV]
Beamline Energy Range
100 - 4000 [eV]
Max Flux On Sample
5 * 1012 [ph/s] @ 150 [eV]
Spot Size On Sample Hor
0 - 100 [um]
Spot Size On Sample Vert
0 - 20 [um]
Manuel Valvidares
Javier Herrero
Pierluigi Gargiani
  • XMCD
  • Coherent scattering
  • Elastic scattering
  • Magnetic scattering
control/Data analysis
Control Software Type
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Data Output Type
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Data Output Format
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