The TELBE facility is comprised of two superradiant THz sources which provide high-power coherent terahertz radiation between 0.1 and 2.5 THz at high repetition rates up to 250 kHz. The primary THz source at TELBE is based on fully coherent superradiant emission from an 8 period undulator. The resulting emission is carrier envelop phase (CEP) stable with a ~20% spectral bandwidth. With a pulse energy of up to 10 µJ/pulse, the ultrashort transform-limited THz pulses are utilized for driving and probing ultrafast high-field THz-induced dynamics. The other superradiant THz source of TELBE is a synchronized coherent diffraction radiator (CDR), which generates broadband single-cycle pulses. The single-cycle CDR pulses are utilized in conjunction with the multi-cycle undulator radiation to achieve sub-10 fs temporal resolution of coherent THz-driven phenomena.

The TELBE Lab is operated by the High-field THz-driven Phenomena group, with a specific interest in understanding how matter can be controlled and/or manipulated in the electronic ground state by the transient electric and magnetic fields of intense (THz) photon pulses. The low quantum energy of ultra-short pulses in the THz regime opens up the fascinating opportunity to excite low energy degrees of freedom in matter selectively and, if done in the right way, in its electronic ground state. The TELBE Lab is equipped with a wide range of endstations and synchronized tabletop sources for probing ultrafast terahertz-induced dynamics in various states of matter with highest precision.

Photon Source Parameters

TELBE Parameters

FEL mode
High-Field Coherent THz (multicycle and single-cycle)
Photon energy range / wavelength range
120 - 3000 [um]
Spectral Bandwidth FWHM / %
20 [%]
Beam shape
Pulse duration FWHM
5 [ps]
Pulse Duration Min Max
1 - 10 [ps]
Linear Vertical
Pulse repetition rate
100 * 103 [Hz]
Maximum pulse energy
10 * 10-6 [J]
Special modes
Advanced methods of electro-optic sampling are employed to provide a temporal resolution down to ~10 fs. Most measurements utilize the multicycle THz source from the TELBE undulator. A single-cycle THz pulse is produced from the same electron bunch, which is used to enable the pulse-resolved, high-resolution timing scheme.
The high-field coherent multicycle THz pulses of the TELBE undulator are continuously tunable over the spectral range of 0.1 - 2.5 THz. The TELBE source is synchronized with several tabletop laser sources to enable a wide range of electro-optic methods for studying high-field THz-driven dynamics. Sample environments for low-temperature as well as high magnetic fields (up to 10 T) are available for users.
Jan-Christoph Deinert
Igor Ilyakov
  • IR spectroscopy
  • Time-resolved studies
Emission or Reflection
  • Time-resolved studies
  • THz near-field microscopy
Information & Communication Technologies
  • Data management/presentation
  • Data processing
Life Sciences & Biotech
  • Biophysics
Material Sciences
  • Other - Material Sciences
  • Dynamics
  • Hard condensed matter - electronic properties
  • Hard condensed matter - structures
  • Nanophysics & physics of confined matter
  • Optics
  • Other - Physics
  • Soft condensed matter physics
  • Surfaces, interfaces and thin films
control/Data analysis
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Data Output Type
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Data Output Format
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